Vintage Pillow Case Table Runner

Vintage Pillow Case Table Runner

Over the years I have picked up a few sets of beautiful vintage hand embroidered pillow cases.  They can be found at yard sales, estate sales, antique shops, etc.

 Pillow cases loaded on long arm

I'm not sure why, but I've never used them on my bed.  I wanted to be able to display the beautiful embroidery, so I decided to make a table or bed runner from a set.  I cut the "tops" from the two pillow cases and sewed them together end to end with the embroidery on the outer edge.  I then layered and quilted them on my long arm machine.  Once they were quilted, you have a hard time finding the seam in the middle.

Vintage hand embroidered pillow case runner in progress

A scalloped edge added a lot to the runner.  

I picked a satin fabric for the binding.  

Satin binding

Hope you enjoy the pics.  





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