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About TKQ

My quilting adventure began in 1991 when I began  piecing and free-motion
quilting my own quilt tops on a Bernina sewing machine.  Soon after, I
started quilting tops for other people.  As my customer waiting list grew I
made the decision to invest in a long-arm quilting machine.  I now have
three machines, a Classic Statler and 2 - Optimum machines with the Statler Stitcher system.  These long arm machines have allowed me to run a
successful machine quilting business for many years.

TKQ Studio Image

I have been designing my own quilting patterns the old-fashioned way for
many years and in 2005 started digitizing them for use with my Statler
Stitcher.  The digitized designs are available in my online
store.   Check
back often for new patterns.  Printed patterns for hand and machine
quilters, embroidery, applique and coloring techniques are also available.  

We are Authorized Brother Sewing & Embroidery Machine Dealers.  We
have a large selection of machines to choose from in our shop.  

We carry many sewing, embroidery & quilting notions, long
arm supplies, quilting fabric and wide quilt backs in our shop.  

Thanks for visiting my new website.  Feel free to
contact me if you have any
questions about the services we offer.  

There are many more digital patterns on my old website: