563 Rose of Sharon Pattern Set 1

TK Quilting & Design LLC

$ 45.00 $ 75.00


This is a digitized quilting design set by Tammy Oberlin-Bramer.  8 patterns are included.  A sample layout for a whole cloth quilt using all of the patterns is included.

Includes patterns, 3204D Rose of Sharon Border 12, 3204E Rose of Sharon Border 12 Corner, 3204H Rose of Sharon Wreath 14, 3204J Simple Edge Block, 3204K Simple Corner Block, 3204N Rose of Sharon Motif Block, 3204O Rose of Sharon Border 2, 3204P Rose of Sharon Border 2 Corner.

These patterns are available for download directly following purchase.  Choose the correct format for your system. See our FAQs for more info.  JPEG & WMF images are included.

These patterns are for use on your quilting system and not to be shared or sold or distributed in any other manner without permission. I truly appreciate your respect of my copyright.  Click here for Terms of Use