25 TKQ November 2012 Pattern Bundle

TK Quilting & Design

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This is a digitized quilting design set by Tammy Oberlin.  The November 2012 Club Collection has 30 digitized patterns.  Patterns included: 2519 Curling Ferns Dresden Corner, 2519A Curling Ferns Dresden Fan, 2519B Curling Ferns Dresden Block 18, 2520 Rosemarys Feather Border, 2520A Rosemarys Feather Bdr Cnr, 2520B Rosemarys Feather Swag P2P, 2520C Rosemarys Feather Block 8, 2520D Rosemarys Feather Block 8 Tri, 2520E Rosemarys Feather Block 8 Tri P2P, 2520F Rosemarys Feather Hexagon, 2520G Rosemarys Feather Table Topper, 2520H Rosemarys Eq Tri Feather P2P, 2520I Rosemarys Feather Block 16, 2521 Feathered Diamond Long Half, 2522 Snow Flurries E2E, 2522A Snow Flurries 2 E2E, 2522B Snow & Mittens E2E, 2522C Snowman E2E, 2522D SnowAngel E2E, 2522E Snow Flurries Border 6, 2522F Snow Flurries Bdr 6 Cnr, 2522G Snow Flurries Block 15, 2522H Snow Flurries Block 10, 2522I Snow Flurries Blk 15 Tri, 2522J Snow Flurries Blk 15 Tri P2P, 2522K Mittens Border 4, 2522L Mittens Border 4 Cnr, 2523 Whirley Gig Vine Blk, 2524 Funky Star E2E, 2525 Breast Cancer Ribbon E2E.     

Click on images above to see designs that are included.  Some of the images are layout pictures or repeated views.  Along with the pattern files you will receive tips and inspirational ideas for using the designs.   *Note-The tips are geared for Creative Studio-a Statler Stitcher software, but they will still be helpful for other users.  

These patterns are available for download directly following purchase.  Choose the correct format for your system. See our FAQs for more info.  JPEG & WMF images are included.  Available in Statler Stitcher QLI & also BQM-DXF-HQF-IQP-PAT-PLT-QCC-QLI-SSD-TXT

These patterns are for use on your quilting system and not to be shared or sold or distributed in any other manner without permission. I truly appreciate your respect of my copyright.  Click here for Terms of Use