2828J JN Vintage Compass Star 3


$ 10.00 
SKU: 2828J-1


This is a single digitized quilting design. It is designed to be used in a star section of Judy Neimeyer's Vintage Compass Quilt, but could be used in other similar areas.  Designed size: 7.91" x 15.65", but it can be re-sized.  

Pattern is used with other coordinated designs as shown in illustration, not included. These patterns are available together in Set # 537.

Second image is full layout of set # 537.  

This pattern is available for download directly following purchase.  Choose the correct format for your system. See our FAQs for more info.  A JPEG & WMF image are included.  

These patterns are for use on your quilting system and not to be shared or sold or distributed in any other manner without permission. I truly appreciate your respect of my copyright.  Click here for Terms of Use