3071 Teddy Bear Face E2E

TK Quilting & Design LLC

$ 15.00 
SKU: 3071-1


This is a set of 2 digitized quilting designs. It is an edge to edge or allover pattern.  The main pattern, 3071 is designed to be stitched in continuous rows across the quilt and trimmed at the sides and bottom.  Use 3071A to fill top area.   3071 designed size: 13.67 W x 12.03 H, but it can be re-sized.  Tips: Start first row about 2 inches from top edge of quilt to allow room for the 2071A P2P pattern.  Run last row of patterns off bottom of quilt.  Use alternating and negative vertical spacing to nest patterns.  It is a good idea to set this up in repeat pattern first to determine rows and repeats.

These patterns are available for download directly following purchase. Choose the correct format for your system. A JPEG image is included.  See our FAQs for more info.  

These patterns are for use on your quilting system and not to be shared or sold or distributed in any other manner without permission. I truly appreciate your respect of my copyright.  Click here for Terms of Use