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Retractable Long Arm Clamp

TK Quilting & Design

$ 22.00 

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Due to the overwhelming interest in our clamps, we are currently out of stock.  We are working on finding another option for housings and will make them available as soon as possible.

Wide 3" clamps grip a larger portion of the fabric.  Easy to squeeze open.  Just the right tension on the springs to hold the quilt backing.  You can optionally use the lock on the housing for more or less tension, as needed.  No need to unhook the clamps to roll the quilt, just move them closer to the belly bar and roll.  When you do unhook after your quilt is finished, the clamps roll up out of your way into the housings. 

The loop velcro on the bottoms of the clamps attach to your frame with existing hook velcro and are 70 inches long when extended.  I use 3 clamps per side on my Classic 24" and 4 per side on my Optimum 30" machines, but 3 would work fine for most applications.  Sold as single units. 

These have been tested on Gammill frames with industrial strength hook velcro previously attached.  Please contact us if you own another brand of machine and have questions.

*Because of the rubber on the clamps we do not recommend leaving the clamps attached to light colored fabric for long periods of time.  


Customer comments:

"Been using these new clamps steady since April and absolutely love them. Compact and neat when not in use. Grip on the fabric is strong. When I fasten them to my quilt back, I give a little tug and feel it ensures there are no wrinkles in the back.  I use 3 per side. Highly recommend them."   Holly Potvin, Wallingford CT

"Todd hit it out of the park with these clamps!  No more wrestling with tangled velcro straps and constant time consuming adjustment.  I've been using them on all three of my machines for over a year now and I wouldn't go back to the old ones if you paid me.  :-) "  Tammy Oberlin - TK Quilting & Design - Manistee, MI

 "I think they are a winner!  I’m glad I have them. So easy to use and no messes on my floor with Velcro catching on my carpeting. Now I’m finding I can’t live without them. "   Bernadette Olszewski - Michigan